Meeting Minutes

You can find a list of the Meeting Minutes of the Stockmans Hollow HOA here.

  • HOA Board Meeting – 2022-05-12
    Meeting Minutes

    Call to order

    A meeting of Stockmans Hollow HOA was held at Sump Library, Papillon, NE on 5/12/22. Attendees included Tani Spacher (President), Jenn Jones (Vice President), Laura Bolte (Secretary), Raghavendra Chunduri (Director), Robbie Henry (Director). Board Members not in attendance included Randy Hurst with Aroet Property Management. 

    Approval of minutes

    Secretary’s Minutes Prior HOA Meeting (3/24/22) Approved as Read, Jenn Jones. Seconded, Laura Bolte.


    Treasurer’s Minutes. Approved as Read. Laura Bolte. Seconded, Jenn Jones.

    Unfinished business

    Delinquent homes on dues. 20 homes delinquent. Annual Dues $140. Escalated to $150 after 3/1. Goes to $160 after 7/1. $170 on 10/1. Will be sending new invoices each quarter to delinquent accounts. Will mail out in June. Follow up in July.

    Garage Sale – This weekend (5/12, 5/13, 5/14)

    Facebook Group

    Website Updates 

    E-mail Raghu

    New Business

    Resident concerns. Crosswalk by park, speeding concerns. What can be done? 

    Investigate crossing signs.

    Signage Options.

    Randy on SID Board will discuss with HOA.

    Watering Trees on Elmhurst

    Cost evaluated as $30/watering. Laura Bolte made a motion to authorize watering. 

    Dead trees 

    Will decide later.

    Postcards – Facebook Announcement

    Laura will send to Randy.

    Fall Garage Sale Dates (Spring Garage Sale Dates) Spring 3rd Weekend of May, Fall 2nd Weekend of September

    National Night Out

    First Tuesday in August, 2nd

    Jenn Jones leading

    Going to ask for Committee Participation off Facebook

    Will update 2nd week of June and 1st week of July.


    Facebook Group

    Next HOA Meeting, Thursday July 21 @ 6:30p @ Sump Library.


    Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.

    Secretary : Laura Bolte   Date of approval 7/19/22
  • HOA Board Meeting – 2022-03-24
    • Stockmans Hollow HOA Quarterly Board Meeting

      March 24th, 2022 6:30pm

      Sump Memorial Library, Papillon, NE

      Board Attendees

      Tani Spacher (President)

      Jenn Jones (Vice President)

      Laura Bolte (Secretary)

      Robbie Henry (Director)

      Called to order by Tani Spacher

      Old Business

      Prior meeting minutes, approved

      Reviewed financials, approved

      Review of special meeting of the board to update on Wed, Mar 2nd.

      New Business

      Fence panel on 66th Ave near Michael’s Dr damaged

      Aroet Management Group is working with contractor to repair

      Website Updates

      Still continuing. Board Members Raghu and Laura are updating site.

      E-mail List

      Board will obtain from Aroet Mng Group to send neighborhood updates

      Social Media

      Board will create Facebook groups Stockmans Holllow HOA and Stockmans Hollow Buy & Sell

      Neighborhood Garage Sale

      Date set, May 13th, 14th, 15th


      Omaha Events Calendar

      Omaha Herald

      Next Door


      Next Board Meeting

      May 12th, 2022 at 6:30pm

      First 30 minutes open to all HOA members prior to business meeting

      Sump Memorial Library

      222 N Jefferson St, Papillion, NE 68046

      Meeting Adjourned at 7:15pm

      Meeting minutes by Laura Bolte, Board Secretary.

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