Silt Basin Redevelopment

In order to comply with the city of Papillion’s water management restrictions, Stockmans Hollow currently has 6 “Silt Basins” that are meant to hold water for a short period of time ( up to 2 days ) before draining into the Papillion Creek.

These silt basins are:

– Basin A – Elm Hurst Drive and 67th Street
– Basin B – Elm Hurst Drive, approximately 66th Avenue
– Basin C – South of Michael Street between Elm Hurst Drive and 66th Street
– Basin D – North of Michael Street between Elm Hurst Drive and 66th Street
– Basin E – Behind the West facing houses on 64th Street North of Michael Drive
– Basin F – South of Centennial Road between 67th and 69th Streets

As construction in our neighborhood is now complete, E & A Consulting will be converting the current Silt Basins from temporary construction silt basins to permanent basins. This conversion will be monitored and paid for by the SID. After conversion, the HOA will be responsible for upkeep on the Silt Basins as well as an annual inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have Silt Basins? The city of Papillion started requiring all neighborhoods to have silt basins right before our neighborhood was started. We are actually the first neighborhood in Papillion that has completed construction and will be converting our construction silt basins to permanent silt basins. However, there are many other cities (such as Lincoln) in Nebraska that have been requiring silt basins for a long time. The silt basins are meant to collect and filter water through the storm sewer system before it runs into the Papillion Creek.
When will construction start? The plans are in the approval process and until they are approved we won’t know when they will start post construction phase. But the project is slated for this year
What is going to be done? The project will consist of grading, adding permanent drainage, planting special NRD “rain garden” grasses, and once those steps are completed sidewalks will be added
Who is responsible for what? The Stockmans Hollow SID will be paying for the redevelopment, and the Stockmans Hollow HOA will be responsible for maintenance and periodic inspections after the conversion / redevelopment is complete.
Where can I learn more? The following pages from The Papillion Creek Watershed Partnership are a good starting point for understanding the silt basins:

You can also find more information on the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts webpage at:, Or on the Papio NRD Webpage at:

If there are any questions relating to the silt basin conversion or upkeep, please feel free to Contact Us

You can find a draft document detailing the Silt basin changes below. We will update this web page with new information as it becomes available.